Arrival of a New IU Football Coach Mike Shanahan Is Planning On Hitting Every Spot On The Field

This week on Rhett Lewis’s Under the Hood with Indiana Football, Mike Shanahan, the next offensive coordinator for the Hoosiers, was the most recent guest. Shanahan revealed some of his offensive philosophy on the subject of the wide receiver room throughout the show.

Our goal is to have complete field coverage. Turn it horizontally and then vertically. Whether it’s our slot receivers or those outside of our organization, it is an important consideration. In order to make the most of their abilities on the field, we will cross-train those players. It was Shanahan who gave the explanation.

Donaven McCulley, who was a key cog in the Hoosiers’ wide receiver offense in 2023 with 48 receptions for 644 yards and six touchdowns, returned to the club. Shanahan can’t wait to get his hands on the explosive wide receiver. “A huge, towering man who can vertically extend the field was just in my field of vision.” “Shannahan said,” he declared.

“His touches are firm and powerful. He is fully capable of running any route. The child then appears. There’s a huge grin on his face the whole time. “Okay, this is another reason why we really want this guy to come back” because of his wonderful demeanor and the excellent energy he exudes. Shanahan is thrilled because the room will be welcoming multiple new receivers. When spring practice begins in March, everyone is wondering who will play what and how the coaches will handle repititions.

“I believe that situation will resolve itself. I need to know who is playing where. I don’t know how we’ll shuffle the roster, but I do believe that making the most of every player’s strengths is something we’re proud of as coaches. “Shannahan said,” he declared. Like a basketball team, he sees the receiving room. Various individuals must be recruited to fulfill specific functions.

For some reason, I’ve always thought of our receiver room as a basketball team. Having your back bars, slots, power forwards, and centers is important. It was Shanahan who gave the explanation.”It seems like we were successful in bringing in individuals with diverse traits who can contribute in various ways,” the coach said.


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