Week 1 schedule and more evening games revealed by ACC before complete publication of 2024 football schedule

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) announced on Tuesday that it would be releasing additional Thursday and Friday games for the remainder of the 2024 season. These games were added to the sneak peaks that were already disclosed the day before, and this time they were for Week 1. Despite the fact that the conference has previously published the whole schedule of opponents for each member for the next five seasons,

the specifics are beginning to emerge as a result of the inclusion of three additional members, namely California, SMU, and Stanford, in preparation for the 2024 season. The schedule for Week 1 of the Atlantic Coast Conference will consist of three games on Thursday, August 29, and another pair of games on Friday, August 30. This schedule will cover practically the entirety of the Labor Day weekend. Saturday is the day that the action begins, and it features a full slate of ten games, all of which are played by ACC members.

As the action comes to a close on Monday, September 2, a Labor Day special will take place between Boston College and Florida State, the team that now holds the title of ACC champion. Clemson and Miami both face notable nonconference opponents from the Southeastern Conference (Georgia and Florida, respectively), but the only game that takes place during Week 1 that involves members of the Atlantic Coast Conference is the game between the Seminoles and the Eagles.

We are moving closer to having a clear picture of the schedule for each and every ACC team in 2024, despite the fact that there is still more work to be done before we have complete information. In the event that more information regarding the game becomes available, the conference will provide it. The information regarding the kickoff times and television networks will be provided by us at the appropriate time.

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