Suspected of embezzling thousands from league, former youth football coach

A former Genoa small league football coach is suspected of taking thousands for personal use. Genoans, a close-knit community, are upset. The organization accuses Phil Antry of misusing funds. Former 13abc employee Antry. On January 11, Clay Township Police charged Antry with Grand Theft. He’s accused of taking $20,000 league funding for personal use.

Genoa Little Comets football league manager Antry served for over five years. “We have just stacks of paperwork that had to be gone through and so the community is pretty upset but these parents sent money for their kids to play, and the money went elsewhere,” said Clay Township Police Chief Terry Mitchell.

Police Chief Mitchell said the probe found many non-player purchases. “Everything from fast food to ATMs,” Mitchell remarked. PayPal, Venmo, Amazon transactions abound. It was several problematic items that presumably weren’t used for the league.” Chief says he was notified of the theft in October 2022.

Police stated that league founder Tom Wojciechowski “reported suspicious activity on the little comets football team account.” He observed obsolete equipment, a higher price, and fewer kids playing when he went to watch his grandson play.  Wojciechowski added, “We went all season and we needed some things and he just kept saying he couldn’t get it. He couldn’t acquire them or anything we needed. He stated it wasn’t available, but we found it online and bought it.”

No money, he says. “I need a pizza party at the end of the year and there was no money,” Wojciechowski stated. “And I realized we spent nothing all year. So I asked, where’s the money? He didn’t answer me directly, so I had doubts.” The account cosigner gave Wojciechowski bank statement copies.

I saw it right there and thought, ‘Oh my goodness.’ I then gave it to the police, Wojciechowski stated. The Police Chief said 13 Action News he never met with Antry because he hired an attorney. Wojciechowski redesigned the Genoa Little Comets league to minimize trust issues. The league is presently state-registered non-profit. “We’re going to turn it around and keep a good attitude not let this happen again,” Wojciechowski said. When asked to comment, Antry responded not today. A judge will hear him on Jan. 24.

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